About US

Jahanshil Company has been producing and processing A-Grade seafood products for nearly 2 decades. Founded in 1998, Jahanshil Co. has grown into one of the leading frozen shrimp exporters in Iran. We are keen to seek out new opportunities to further strengthen and expand our operations. With almost 20 years of experience in the seafood industry, we are able to supply more than 2500 metric tons of high quality seafood products per year. Our shrimps under "Jahanshil" brand have been exported to foreign markets such as Spain, French, Italy, China, Egypt, Dubai, Vietnam and etc…. and under “Playa” brand have been distributed and sold to local market.

Our Kolahi 500MT Complex is designed and built on a 70,000 m of superstructure, constructed on the basis of the latest European standards.

It is located in Kolahi fishing port next to the dock, in the heart of the shrimp fishing ground of the Strait of Hormoz, the gateway to the Persian Gulf and also near Tyab zones in Iran .This location enables JAHAN SHIL to receive both wild–caught and farmed shrimp absolutely fresh with the highest quality at the shortest time.

The complex consists of standard processing halls, machinery and required equipment and facilities such as flake-ice producing plant, shrimp sorter, plate freezers, tunnel blast freezers, cold storage units, packing and other materials warehouses. The complex is capable of taking delivery of 40 tons of shrimp per day for processing and supply of same to domestic and overseas markets.


Our company has obtained the E.C Code (no. 706) to be authorized to export to Europe. Also we are one of the authorized seafood exporters to Russia and have obtained its certificate too. Processing high quality frozen Iran shrimp is the cornerstone of our company. Precooked or raw, pink or white, Jahanshil frozen shrimps are prepared and packaged with the attention to detail and level of care that’s only attainable via manual processing. We remain just as committed to our customers’ satisfaction with our products, as we were the day we delivered our first shipment, 2 decades ago.

Shrimp Processing

The processing and packing procedures are taken place in 2500 square meter of working area with a capacity of 420 personnel in 3 work shifts. The facilities and equipment are arranged in such a way that enables shrimp processing to be carried out in simple, quick and efficient manner. The main equipment’s are as follows: shrimp sorter, horizontal plate freezers, tunnel blast freezers, cold storage units, flake-ice producing plant. The shrimps are processed and packed in different conditions such as HEADLESS, PUD and PD.

By means of the HACCP system together with GMP, the inspectors control everything at every level from the day the shrimps are caught either from sea or farms, through transferring, processing, and packing to the day it is delivered to the customer.

Through this kind of processing the shrimps are processed by using E-233 (sodium Metabisulfite ) as preservative. The sorting and sizing is on the basis of number of shrimps per kilogram as follows: 40/50 , 50/60 , 60/70 , 70/80 , 80/100 , 100/120. The product is first packed in 2kg boxes with nylon cover and frozen in tunnel blast freezer, then every six 2kg.boxes are packed in one master carton of 12kg .(6*2kg).

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